3070 Southport Road Sold to Upchem USA

We are pleased to announce the sale of 3070 Southport Road in Spartanburg, SC to Upchem USA!

Upchem USA is a high-tech chemical company based in the Zhejiang province of China with around 300 employees. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of triphosgene and their products are found in many different industries. 

This purchase will allow the company to manufacture and grow their market share in the United States.  Upchem USA chose the Greenville Spartanburg area due to the excellent business opportunities and the fantastic quality of life this market is known for. This location will act as their North American headquarters. 

A big thank you to the owner, Jeffrey Xia (pictured with Bobby), and his associate, Paul Shao. Both were a pleasure to work with. 
Lyons Industrial Properties / CORFAC International truly appreciates your business! 

A quick fact about Jeffrey Xia. He successfully climbed Mount Everest and it took him several months to reach the summit. When we asked him if he would ever do it again, he said he wouldn’t because it would not be fair to his wife and kids because there were several times he didn’t think he was going to survive the expedition. 

Great work by Bobby Lyons SIOR, CCIM and Luke Lyons for getting this deal to the closing table!